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Ask anyone who’s been in an unhappy, non-communicative marriage.

Eric Klinenberg, the author of “Going Solo,” a book about living alone, looks at the emergence of the one-person household as an increasingly preferred living choice.

I remember just once trying to talk to him about our relationship, and he shut the conversation down.


Now I love touching myself, especially alone in the shower or even walking around the house naked when I’m alone.Despite our upbringing, many of us figured this out along the way by touching ourselves or having a partner touch us in just the right way – but there are many who don’t learn the delights of self-pleasuring until later in life. It’s the perfect solution for those of us who are unpartnered or in a non-sexual relationship like yours. You don’t indicate that any of these are true – and if they’re not, you don’t need to worry.


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