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You also have to keep in mind, the longer you’ve been friends, the more comfortable she will be with you; an intimate friendship can be touchy-feely and physically intimate in ways that can to see signs that you’ve got the green light.

Remember, you often have a better idea of your odds than you realize. You’re probably used to imagining how it would go and trying to picture the best case (or, more frequently, worst case) scenario.

Do you catch her looking at your lips or doing the elevator stare?

Does she orient her body towards you or make little invasions of your personal space with her belongings? Does she play along, avoid the topic entirely or just shut you down cold?

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Dapat makulong at mag-multa ang maglabag dito, pero kung si Madonna na dayuhan ang lumabag, maaring humarap ito sa Deportation kung siya ay nandito sa bansa natin, at dapat hindi na yan pwede makabalik dito.

What do you do when you’ve finally screwed up the courage to tell your special someone how you feel? Perhaps you started off as friends and realized over time that your feelings have changed.


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