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After the blunder the President paused and turned to the Queen to acknowledge his gaffe, joking that she "gave me a look that only a mother could give a child."Ripples of laughter echoed around those gathered at the event and the President laughed off the mistake and continued his speech.The monarch and the Duke of Edinburgh flew into the American capital for a two-day stay - the finale of their East Coast trip the other side of the Atlantic. They were officially welcomed by Mr Bush and his wife Laura on the lawn of the White House in front of 7,000 guests, from members of Congress to Oval Office staff.


The next day the Queen quipped as she made another speech: "I do hope you can see me today."This time, she will stand on a custom-made step.

The Data Bank draws power from the console itself by utilizing the PS4's AC port in the back and requires a simple install that's similar in complexity to an outright hard drive swap.

When you've just made it sound like the Queen is more than 200 years old, there may be a few ways of recovering from the gaffe.

At the banquet, Mr Bush will sit next to the Queen at Table 12, while Mrs Bush will join Philip at Table 11.

The monarch's dislike of spicy foods has been taken into consideration for the menu, personally selected by Mrs Bush.The Queen will deliver a keynote speech before heading to a garden party at the British ambassador's residence with Hollywood A-listers expected to be among the 750 guests.



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    back to the top FTM and Trans Conferences Please note: This is not an exhaustive listing of all FTM or trans conferences.

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    A VISCERAL EXPERIENCE The Lobster Roll -- the landmark diner on Montauk Highway just across from Napeague Harbor -- is the setting for another early scene, as are shots from around Fort Pond and Lake Montauk.

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