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When you hire me, I teach you to use journaling as part of a consistent routine that will help you de-stress and address any- and everything in your life.I also empower you with tools you can use to manage your time and your mind so you don't easily revert back to old habits and ways of doing things that don't serve you well. With a coach, you get unconditional support, encouragement, and accountability.Do you struggle with a negative mindset or a stronghold? 10 Ways to Know You Love Yourself" worksheet I am a Professional Certified Life Coach, and my niche is personal development.Are you ready to stop ignoring your feelings and own them? My primary focus as an empowerment/journaling coach is to help young ladies and women (age 15 ) to build their confidence and self-esteem, develop stronger boundaries in their relationships (family, friends and romantic partners), and I advocate the practice of journaling as one of the primary tools to do so.


Your first step however, before you purchase any package below, is to schedule your free 15-minute consultation with me to clarify your needs and goals.But I DO guarantee that you will have a transformational experience with me after we means that you do your part, and I do mine, all in good faith.



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