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Anu Koivunen* Department of Cinema Studies, Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden Since its inception in late 1980s, the notion of postfeminism has been a highly contested term.

As a consequence, it is argued, feminist critique is acknowledged and actualized only as an incitement to communication (sharing) and community-building in an affirmative sense.

In this postfeminist story of feminism, hence, dissonant and critical voices are excluded as politics is reduced to an affect.

I grew up practising takeoffs and landings with my father on Sunday mornings in a small two-seater plane. He built buildings, had important meetings with interesting men and travelled everywhere. I knew I didn't fit into common roles but I didn't care. In this way, the documentary invites to be watched as domestic ethnography. In other words, the key question is the one summarizing much of postfeminist media culture: “what a girl wants,” to quote the title of Diane Negra's recent monograph on the subject.

As Michael Renov has argued, domestic ethnography is a “vehicle of self-examination” where authorial subject interrogates her contemporary self “through recourse to the familial other.” The first few minutes of the film establish the narrative suspense for the whole series: what will Jennifer do? The questions Jennifer discusses with her “familial others” concern her choices: Which one of her two lovers will she choose?


Sleepless in Seattle, Nora Ephron 1993), primetime TV drama (e.g.While scholars seem unanimous in identifying a discourse of gender and sexuality poised on individualism, choice and empowerment, highlighting femininity as an embodied property and self-surveillance as a key female virtue, Flying reconstructs of form of 1970s radical feminism as woman-centered, global sisterhood, constructed through discovery of shared experiences and emotions. This account of childhood family provides the viewers with an explanation of the film's title and, at the same time, it introduces the narrative dilemma of gender identity.


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