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A woman suffering from dyspareunia may experience mild or severe pain in almost any area of the vagina or pelvic region.’Since there are a number of different types of pain a woman may experience during sexual intercourse, it is important to see a medical practitioner who is able to help identify the source and location of the pain, something that may be difficult for the woman herself to do.

Once a practitioner can determine the source of pain, one or more conditions can be specified.

For some, the pain has been there since their first intercourse and for others it only manifested later on.

Dyspareunia is not a disease, but rather a symptom of a core physical or psychological condition.

But I would ideally suggest first checking with the doctor as each pregnancy is different and a medical check is important to determine what is safe.

A woman who has a recurring abortion history or premature delivery is advised against having sex during pregnancy.

What we need to remember is an orgasm is reached at the peak of sexual pleasure and can be achieved in various different ways.

Hormones necessary for the pregnancy to progress also aren’t available.

In India, topics dealing with female sexual problems (even female sexuality) are usually shoved under the rug and no one likes to discuss it.

However, just like males, females suffer from more problems than one when it comes to sex.

Here are some of the questions most often asked on the topic.


Well, logically, there are very rare chances of one getting pregnant because of sex during this time.Some safe sex positions are woman on top, doggy style and even man on top but with not much weight on the woman’s abdomen – if there is any discomfort during this, the couple should avoid it.


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