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If you still have questions after reading the policy, contact the Office of Academic Success. Returning students seeking approval for an assistance animal must apply for consideration for an assistance animal by March 1 for the following fall semester and November 1 for the spring semester.

For new incoming students the deadlines are May 1 and November 1.

Students who do not participate in the Room Selection Process will not be allowed to live off campus until all other off-campus applicants have been granted.

Room Selection Proxy forms are available here and in the Residence Life Office, SLTC 249.

There will be places to add your meal plan, room and roommate choices.


This decision was based on a recommendation by Student Senate to weigh years at Hendrix as the priority consideration for room selection draw numbers.They must be signed by the Proxy and brought to the Room Selection Process.A printed email from the absent student to the Proxy with selection choices may be substituted for the form.MEDICAL PLACEMENTS If you have a medical condition or disability that requires special housing arrangements, you must submit your request and supporting documentation to the Residence Life Office by March 1.


Documentation is defined as a typed letter from a medical doctor or licensed counselor (who is not a family member), citing the specific reason(s) why special housing is “medically necessary.” The documentation must be on letterhead, provide specific diagnosis and accommodation request, and provide a clear relationship between diagnosis and accommodation.Mary will have to choose a new roommate from her current class-cohort or higher, or from the Wait List, or Residence Life will have the option to place someone with her from the Wait List, or Mary may lose her spot and be reassigned.


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