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I know /b/ will rag on this, but it still hurts fifty years later.: Look at his ugly, skanky pope-face, the only thing you can think about is how good it feels when totally crashing and tearing him apart as a human being. His flesh thrown at the dogs and his head keept as a jewelry for the church. can't children come on here to look at dead animals naked old ppl and exploding buttholes without being sexually harrassed? and nobody gives a fuck about that, that girl in question was asking for it (unless the note was a shoop), either delete any underage girl pics, or leave us alone: btw, would you rather have pedos physically molest those girls? I only imagine that the inventor of c4c didn't want pedos around hiss own sisters and family himself for REAL !! Anonymous: hey you fuckin anti semetic tiny dicked faggit pieces of shit.... Children should get a chance to grow up unmolested.

In real life, it hurts a lot to have an adult cock up your ten year old ass. don't you know this is a family website with family values. If you say that you can't laugh about pedo, then you might as well not laugh about gore or murder or every fun thing on the net.: i am with Grave on this, people laugh at dead babies, scat, goatse, holocaust, etc... But the thing is that the way i understand it, you'll get banned or some shit like it, for deleting against the rules ??? Otherwise i would delete the shit out of pedobear crap, and wished i could delete the whole controversial pedobear section !!!!!

Communication Web able to make life more clearly, fun and curiouser!

Currently resides ability to broadcast to the whole world through webcams at any time of the day and in at least some point no matter where you are.

Kind of like owning a sports car and not yet having a license.


Buttcrack hides the tight pink lips where logs of girl-brownie are made! This story was told to me by my wife a couple of years after his marriage.


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    Do contrário, procure alterar o driver de conexão para OLEDB como neste artigo String's de conexão para ASP e ASP.

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