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Vietnam is large thriving place with two major cities at its core. Since the war, things have changed and the strict communist rule has waned a little and Vietnam has opened its doors to everyone. In Hanoi girls look more traditional almost like models. It is very hard for a westerner to get laid in Hanoi so for the purposes of this blog we will be focusing on Saigon.But if you are visiting Vietnam to find the beautiful Viet girls then the two cities are not the same. Viet girls are sexy and have a character that is quite unique. It is easy to know exactly what a Vietnamese girl is thinking or feeling. Only saw a glimpse of a shadow in the kitchen through the pocked glass. Are you looking to meet Viet girls on your next tip over here? If you want to hook up with Viet girls for free, check out this article. Between us serving table with a bottle of “Enessi” and a box of chocolates. We sit in a low deep gray chairs in an empty, not yet furnished room. He fiddles with his glass, which devastated one gulp, finally speaks, his head down, not looking at me. Viet girls are notoriously shy about being seen in public exchanging personal information, so make it easy and just slip your scene.Some of the better bars are: Carmen Bar, Vasco’s, Go Go Go and the Rex Hotel rooftop beer garden.

Couples cuddle and kiss on their bikes under the trees or in swan-shaped paddle boats out on the water."I still remember they would turn off the lights on Thanh Nien street at 7.30 or 8 at night so it was like an unwritten agreement between the electricity authority and the youth," said Duong, director of the Institute for Social Development Studies."Somebody said it is a time of sexual revolution in Vietnam but it is a bit quieter than that, than what happened say in America in the 1960s and 1970s, but it's growing," said psychologist Khuat Thu Hong.If you want to go down the hooker route then a Viet girl will charge between / for a night and as most of them are freelance then there will be no bar fine.Most of the clubs are open till at least 5am so you have plenty of time to pick the right girl for you. And the Vietnamese girls love to pop in and have a chat to their girlfriends.Saigon has a thriving bar scene and is open till the wee small hours.


Taking a quiet or noisy drink in one of these establishments is a great way to meet local Viet girls.

Vietnam has very different culture then most of Asia and prostitution and casual sex is frowned upon.


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