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Ovo je hot chat hr soba u kojoj je i bez administratora zabava za pet! :) UPUTSTVA: Chat soba koja pripada prvom, jedinom i najpoznatijem hrvatskom chat portalu - Chat. Hr-u Ovdje su i administratori i moderatori zabavni...


That's when a well-chosen emoticon can come in handy, and these days there are certainly plenty to choose from.

When it was launched, the company had already licensed the now Turner-owned Tuzki line of emoticons that were all the rage on the Chinese Internet about 5-10 years ago: More importantly, these sticker sets did not capture the nuanced emotions and complex backstories that are the hallmark of a Line sticker and that make it a great conversational lubricant.

But recently, We Chat’s stickers have started to develop a style of their own.

By descending below all things, Jesus put Himself in a position to lift our burdens.


When we lend our strength to those who are weighed down by life’s challenges, even the heaviest load can be made lighter.

Line also runs many time-limited promotions, such as their “Pray for the Philippines” stickers following last year's devastating typhoon (the proceeds were donated to help the victims).


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